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Krists Auznieks has won the international competition “Rostrum” in the group of young composers

18. October, 2021

On Friday, October 15, the 67th International Composers’ Competition “Rostrum” ended, in which composer Krists Auznieks won the main prize in the group of young composers under the age of 30 for the composition “Are One”. The representative of Latvian Radio in this competition – Signe Lagzdiņa, the program manager of LR3 “Klasika” – informs about it in a telephone interview from Belgrade.

The International Rostrum of Composers (IRC) is organized by the International Music Council with the financial assistance of participating radio networks. It is an international forum of representatives of broadcasting organizations who come together for the purpose of exchanging and broadcasting contemporary art music. Until 2002, its annual sessions were held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, except for the 2000 edition which was held in Amsterdam at the generous invitation of Muziek Groep Nederland and the Gaudeamus Foundation. Since 2003, a rotation system has been put in place with the Rostrum traveling around Europe every second year while the other year, its is hosted by Radio France. Starting from 2010 the Rostrum is travelling around Europe by invitation of National Radio Brodcasters.